Anti-Aging Mechanism

The pathway shows how Growth Factors stimulate cells and result in cell proliferation finally. It improves skin problems from cellular level by providing simultaneous action to revive and regenerate skin cells. Cell migration, inhibition of apoptosis, gene expression and cell proliferation by Growth Factors eventually increase ECMs (Extra Cellular Matrix) such as collagen, elastin, laminin, fibronectin and hyaluronic acid etc.

  • STEP 1 Growth Factors binding to their interacting Growth Factor receptors
  • STEP 2 Phosphorylation of MAPK
  • STEP 3 Gene transcription
  • STEP 4 Cell migration, Inhibition of apoptosis, Gene expression, Cell proliferation

Upon investigation of the skin tissue in histology relaxed and irregular layers were observed. Treatment of CG-bFGF induced and densed collagen layers. 

Increased cell proliferation was observed in fibroblast cell by CG-EGF and CG-bFGF treatment. In addition, CG-EGF and CG-bFGF combination showed synergy effect compared with single ingredient treatment.

Wrinkle depth was decreased by anti-aging cream treatment. Wrinkles were improved by anti-aging cream treatment.